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Recreation vehicles aren’t always about recreation. Like your car, RVs too require upkeep and attention. Because RVs are a unique combination of materials and surfaces, they require specialized products and a specialized approach to maintain quality and performance. To maintain your investment, regular cleaning and detailing of your RV is essential. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and professional skills to thoroughly clean your RV, being careful to reach every nook and cranny.

Our trained professionals have the expertise and experience to keep your RV looking great, inside and out. RVs are a big investment, and Orange County Auto Detailing is here to provide you with the highest level of care required to maintain that investment.

We can clean and recondition your RV regardless of its current condition. Our technicians have extensive experience working with every kind of RV on the market today. Whether you have a small travel trailer or a luxurious bus, we can provide you with all of your cleaning needs. We can provide every cleaning service you will ever need to maintain a beautiful looking RV year after year. Whether you are looking for an RV wash or need help removing all the oxidation from your RV, we can provide the right services at a great value. Our crew can even help repair your RV roofs from recaulking or resealing to more extensive re-roofs.

Orange County Auto Detailing offers the following RV detailing services: hand wash and wax, rubber roof treatment, aluminum wheel cleaning, interior cleaning including carpet and upholstery shampooing, and more services to make you RV spotless and like new! There aren’t too many companies out there willing to wash oversize vehicles, but we are happy to take care of your motorhome or travel trailer for you. With our mobile RV wash service, your motorhome will be restored to its former beauty without you having to deal with the backbreaking work.

We wash RVs from top to bottom, and we’ll notify you of any problems we find along the way. After a trip, you might just empty it and vacuum the rugs, but we do much more. With our services, you can enjoy an RV that’s clean and ready for your next glorious and exciting road trip. We offer a mobile RV wash service, so call us today for your convenient appointment. We are happy to work on RVs of all sizes, and you will be glad you invested in the service when you’re ready to get on the road again.

Our RV Cleaning services include:

Vacuum and steam clean carpets – In addition to vacuuming, we also treat stains to keep your carpets looking like new longer.

Polish hard floors – Scrubbing the linoleum throughout the RV, we will leave your hard flooring surfaces sparkling and smelling fantastic.

Clean the windows – Your windows take a beating during any trip, but we will polish them and make it easy to enjoy the view again.

Dust the blinds – Most RVs have mini-blinds or fabric shades. We will vacuum them to remove dust and keep them looking beautiful.

Clean the kitchen – The fridge needs to be scrubbed, cabinets have to be wiped down and the kitchen sink should be polished. When we’re done cleaning the kitchen, you’ll want to take the RV out and enjoy another trip.

Scrub the bathroom – You don’t have time to scrub the bathroom when you’re enjoying your vacation, but we’re happy to take care of it for you. We have the special cleaners on hand that are needed for fiberglass tubs and sinks, and you can trust that the bathroom will look great when we’re done.

Polish the woodwork and shine mirrors – Most RVs have a good collection of wood and mirrors spread throughout the vehicle. We will polish them to ensure that your RV looks fantastic and is ready for use.

RV Wash – Good luck finding a RV car wash that will accommodate your RV. With our services, you don’t have to search for one. We will wash the exterior with spot free water for you and leave it sparkling.


  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, including the bedroom,living room, furniture.
  • Sanitize and wipe down all furniture.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all glass surfaces with our streak free formula.
  • All woodwork is thoroughly cleaned, and treated with a lemon oil based formula.
  • Cleaning of all major appliances including refrigerator, microwave, etc.
  • Sanitize bathroom, toilet, shower, sink, etc.
  • Cleaning of dashboard area if applicable.
  • Treatment of all chrome and stainless steel pieces.
  • Treatment of all leather surfaces.
  • Treatment of all vinyl surfaces.
  • Sanitize kitchen area, sinks, countertops, etc.
  • Spot stain removal on carpets.
  • Removal of mildew and other undesirable odors.


  • Wash and scrub the roof if accessible.
  • Wash and scrub exterior of RV.
  • Removal of black streaks, water, and rust spots.
  • Oxidation and tree sap removal.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all glass surfaces.
  • Polish all chrome surfaces including the ladder, and front grill if applicable.
  • Dressing of all vinyl and rubber surfaces.
  • Cleaning/dressing of rims and tires.
  • Buff exterior with specially formulated compound for RV’s.
  • Buff exterior with specially formulated wax for RV’s.

With all the miles you put on your recreational vehicle during the summer, it can get a little dirty, which is why Orange County Auto Detailing has a selection of exceptional cleaning and detailing packages to choose from. Sometimes you just need a simple hand wash and dry job done, and sometimes you need a little more. Protect your investment and keep your RV looking great. If you like to keep your RV in excellent condition and care about beauty and longevity, RV detailing is for you. RV detailing keeps the RV in excellent condition and protects against the elements. Protect your investment and keep your RV beautiful.

Your recreational vehicle is you transportation and your home. Keeping it clean can be a big job and if you neglect it, the work can get ahead of you. Don’t let that happen. Detailing your RV on a regular basis is the best way to keep up on one of your most important investments and when it comes time to sell, the regular detailing will pay off in spades.

Choose the best, choose Orange County Auto Detailing Services!

With flexible hours and reasonable rates, Orange County Auto Detailing is the place to go when your RV needs a good cleaning.

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