Mobile Car Wash Services

Orange County Auto Detailing is in the business of providing the highest quality services and complete customer satisfaction. Our car washing and detailing specialists take great pride in our services and appreciate that while you value your vehicles, you might not have time to travel and have them cleaned or detailed. With a limited number of full service high quality car washing services in your area, we offer amazing services at very competitive rates.

Whether you use your car multiple times a day or only on occasion, over time, dirt and grime are bound to accumulate on your vehicle both inside and out. To keep your car looking its best, Orange County Auto Detailing will come to you! Most people don’t have the time to wash and wax their cars regularly. Fortunately, Orange County Auto Detailing can help -from exterior surface washes to interior cleanings, we have the equipment to do it all. Just contact us today to get a free estimate, or schedule an appointment.

Orange County Auto Detailing specializes in exceptional service and we take our time to get the job done right. Your vehicle will never be rushed through no matter how busy we get. We have plenty of staff on hand to do the job right and get you out in a reasonable amount of time. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied please ask to speak to a supervisor and they will gladly assess your needs.

After being in the auto detailing business for so long, we have compiled together packages ranging from a basic detail to an intricate and immaculate package suited toy your personal needs.

Our detailing services include:

  • Hand washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Odor removal
  • Wheels and rims cleaning
  • Polishing, buffing, waxing
  • Window Cleaning In&Out
  • Swirl removal
  • Minor scratch removal
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Sealant Wax
  • Clay Bar
  • Tire Dressing

Hand washing
We pamper your auto with a delicate touch using only the finest products available on the market. See the difference a hand wash can make on the appearance of your automobile. We can clean your car, but it takes a hand wash to make it shine. Does you car need some extra care? Several hand waxes, interior and exterior detailing services are available.

We will clean your vehicle of dirt and road grime, both inside and out and in detail. In addition to having a very clean car, the process of car detailing will also help to keep the vehicle in excellent condition and therefore retain more resale value. The challenge when shopping for a detailing service is finding one that will cover all of the required aspects of detailing.

Odor removal
Does your vehicle have an offensive odor? You may have purchased a used car and the prior owner was a smoker. Milk spills can spoil in the heat and leave quit a smell. Our process does not temporarily mask the smell with the use of chemicals. We eliminate it completely!

Wheels and rims cleaning
It’s important to rotate tires at regular intervals, as routine tire rotation prevents uneven tire wear. A tire’s tread is where the rubber meets the road – literally. When driving, the tire tread provides traction and grip. Over time, tire tread gradually begins to wear.

Polishing, buffing, waxing
As you might guess from the name, a differential’s job is to compensate for differences. Specifically the differences in wheel speed when turning. For instance, imagine taking a corner. Your inside wheel has a shorter distance to travel than the outside wheel as you go around the corner. That means that your outside wheel has to turn faster to keep pace with the inside wheel.

In a hurry? Enjoy our quick and simple mini detail package! It starts with a wax wash which is then blow/towel drive. The interior will be heavily vacuumed making sure all lingering debris is taken care and the surfaces are wiped down. Windows wille be squeaky clean with no smudges or smears possibly affecting your view. To complete the mini detail package; the finishing touch of tire dressing will be done.

Choose the best, choose Orange County Auto Detailing Services!

With flexible hours and reasonable rates, Orange County Auto Detailing is the place to go when your car needs a good cleaning.

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