Aircraft Cleaning Services

Your aircraft deserves personalized attention, and that’s why our aircraft cleaning and detailing services reflect the flexibility and versatility you need to make your aircraft or helicopter stand out in just the right way.

Orange County Auto Detailing provides high quality professional cleaning and detailing services to commercial, corporate and individual aircraft operators and owners, fractional ownership companies, maintenance facilities, flight departments and FBO’s. Utilizing highly experienced and trained aviation professionals we offer the aviation community with customized solutions for client-specific aesthetic requirements. We know that every customer has varying needs and Orange County Auto Detailing is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether a regular aircraft washing, a complete interior and exterior detail job, or a customized airplane cleaning and brightwork project, our highly experienced and trained staff stand ready to ensure a worry free experience. Our main goal is to be our customers’ aircraft cleaning company of choice and to provide them with highest level of quality, efficiency, support and personal attention for every cleaning job we do.

Interior Services

Your home away from home deserves the utmost respect and care, and since no two interiors are ever the same, our interior services are aimed at ensuring your requests and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Cleaning your aircraft’s interior is the first line of defence in keeping your aircraft looking great. And with the flexibility of choosing a full or quick interior service, every surface inside your aircraft is cleaned, sanitized, and re-organized just the way you like it. No matter what the size of the aircraft is, the interior of your aircraft is a symbol of your care and attention to details.

For when time is critical, a quick turn cleaning focuses on straightening passenger seats, wiping tables and lavatory areas, and removing trash from your aircraft’s cabin before a complete vacuum is completed. In the end, your next leg can get underway without the need to delay the trip for cleaning.

Full interior detailing will delve deep into every section of the cabin including the cockpit and baggage compartment areas (if equipped). During the service, every fixture is cleaned and polished before your seat cushions are removed and then deep-cleaned and conditioned. Lastly, every compartment is cleaned, sanitized, and reorganized before the entire aircraft receives a complete vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial level carpet extraction removes dirt, oils, and stains. The end result is a refreshed carpet ready for your next flight. Your aircraft’s carpet takes a beating year-around. To restore the appearance of your aircraft, a thorough carpet cleaning provides a way to remove high traffic marks and stains without the high cost of replacing the fixture all together.

Done with care as to not soak the carpet’s protective fire backing, the area is first spot cleaned to remove stains before a complete vacuum is accomplished. Finally, the entire carpet is cleaned with a commercial grade carpet extractor and dried utilizing commercial air mover thus leaving behind a clean and refreshed surface.

Leather Cleaning and Reconditioning

Focused on bringing back the life of your aircraft’s leather, the hide is first thoughtfully cleaned before several passes are made with premium conditioners to breath life into once faded seats, armrests, and headliners.

One of the most expensive investments on the interior of your aircraft may just be the very thing you spend the most time in: your seats. Over time, these areas can fade and dull in appearance which makes keeping them clean one of the most important things you can do to keep your aircraft’s interior looking great. With care taken as to not damage the leather’s dye, the entire seat is first cleaned to remove body oils, dirt, and pen marks before the entire surface is worked over several times with premium leather conditioner and a horse hair brush.

Lavatory Cleaning

Care is taken to sanitize and re-organize drawers and surfaces to ensure a refreshed compartment that doesn’t have to be hidden from view any longer. As a standard service for all of our interior cleaning services, the lavatory cleaning service is designed to clean and disinfect every surface in the compartment before returning the aircraft to service.

Exterior Services

You wouldn’t want your aircraft to be damaged by random chemicals, and that’s why each of our exterior services are designed to meet your aircraft’s particular OEM approved specifications. From washes to brightwork, your aircraft’s exterior is covered like never before.

Aircraft Washing

Washing the exterior of your aircraft is important to ensure that grease, grime, dirt, and oils don’t become permanent residents on your aircraft. To remove these unwanted contaminants, only OEM approved chemicals and techniques are used to ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is left clean and spotless. Extra attention is also given to exhaust trails and under-wing sections to ensure that any build ups are removed before they have a chance to damage your aircraft’s paint.

Washing is the first line of defense in keeping your aircraft looking great. And with the option of choosing a wet or dry wash, no matter which option you choose, the end result will always be a smooth and clean surface without any unsightly water spots.

Aircraft Brightwork

Designed to remove scratches, pitting, and hazing from your aircraft metal surfaces, this multistage process not only removes these items but will leave your metal with a deep mirror-like shine. Just as exterior washes are important to keeping your paint in good condition, brightwork polishing is a specialized service designed to remove built up contaminants and leave behind a smooth mirror-like finish.

Paint Protection

Protecting your aircraft’s paint not only keeps it looking great, but can actually save you money in repainting costs down the line. So if you’re looking to restore the appearance of your aircraft’s faded paint or just want to keep what you have looking great, these services are for you.

Paint Polishing and Sealants – Aimed at restoring your aircraft’s appearance to like-new, paint polishing and sealants remove contaminants that have left your aircraft looking dull and chalk-like. In this multistage process, these contaminants are removed before the entire painted surface is sealed multiple times locking out future buildups and providing a hard shine you’ll be able to see and feel.

Waxing – While not as permanent as a sealant, waxing provides a great way to protect your aircraft’s paint if it already in great condition and or for operators with an eye on economy.

Deice Boot Strip and Reseal

Returning your aircraft’s deice boots to a like-new appearance doesn’t require a costly trip to the repair shop. A full deice boot strip and seal service is designed to first remove build ups including old sealants, waxes, and even bugs from the boot surface before the entire boot surface is resealed multiple times leaving behind a hard deep shine that will last.

Landing Gear Cleaning Gear Well Cleaning

It goes without saying that your aircraft’s gear well area is constantly taking a beating day in and day out from normal operations, and this is especially true if your operating in wet, snowy, and or construction environments that push these contaminants up and into your gear well area. To remove these contaminants, only OEM approved products are used to thoroughly clean your aircraft’s gear well areas, thus ensuring all that’s left behind are clean and easily identifiable parts. And since no pressure washers or water are used, the entire interior surface of the gear well is hand wiped providing a further layer of safety to ensure mechanical parts are not disturbed during the service.

A consistently clean, tidy aircraft interior improves the passenger experience and builds a foundation of brand-loyal customers. Our cabin appearance services keep your aircraft so polished your passengers will be impressed. We use a comprehensive, carefully charted cleaning schedule that’s plotted out by each aircraft section. With tasks starting in the cockpit and ending in the rear lavatories, no area goes untouched. We also custom fit our offerings to the services required, based on whether we’re cleaning on the turn or RON.

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